1290 Infinity II LC System

The Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC System embodies the next generation of UHPLC

  • More chromatographic resolution – specially designed components in the sample flow path achieve lowest system dispersion.
  • Higher peak capacity for challenging separations – switch easily between single dimension UHPLC and the ultimate chromatographic power of 2D-LC.
  • Lower carryover for uncompromised data quality – multiwash capabilities of the 1290 Infinity II Multisampler reduce carryover to less than 10 ppm even for challenging compounds such as chlorohexidine.
  • Unique detection capabilities – combine lowest detection limits with an ultrawide dynamic range by using the new 1290 Infinity II HDR-DAD or 1290 Infinity II ELSD.
  • Faster injection cycles with dual-needle injection – for higher sample throughput.
  • Higher sample capacity per bench space – up to 6144 samples within the footprint of a standard Agilent stack.
  • Significantly better usability – dead-volume-free UHPLC fluidic connections can be easily achieved by the revolutionary InfinityLab Quick Connect fittings.
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