1290 Infinity II Diode Array Detector

Ultrasensitive and ultrafast, high resolution UV-spectral detection

The Agilent 1290 Infinity II Diode Array Detector (DAD) is based on the Agilent Max-Light cartridge cell with optofluidic waveguides that improve light transmission to near 100% efficiency without sacrificing resolution caused by cell dispersions effects. With typical detector noise levels of < ± 0.6 µAU/cm the revolutionary 60 mm flow cell gives up to 10 times higher sensitivity than detectors with conventional flow cells. Any compromising refractive index and thermal effects are almost completely eliminated, resulting in significantly less baseline drift for more reliable and precise peak integration. For ultrafast separations, the 1290 Infinity II DAD offers multiple wavelength and full spectral detection at sampling rates up to 240 Hz.

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