1260 Infinity II Fluorescence Detector

Highest sensitivity for the analysis of trace-level components


  • Lowest limits of detection - with a Raman S/N > 3000 (using dark signal noise reference).
  • Optimized baseline stability - simplified optical design.
  • Up to 100 % resolution gain in fast LC - using a 74 Hz data acquisition rate.
  • Highest sensitivity - Long-life xenon flash lamp (> 4000 hours), lamp reference system and efficient light collection ensure constant lamp energy for maximum excitation of fluorophores.
  • Fast and easy maintenance - easy front access and optimized housing and door design enables fast inspection or exchange of the flow cell.
  • Documentation of instrument parameters - Automatic recognition of all flow cell cartridges provides documentation of instrument parameters and helps to comply with GLP.
  • Extensive analytics, error detection and display - with Instant Pilot controller and Agilent Lab Advisor software.
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