Ultivo triple quadrupole LC/MS (LC-TQ)


  • Smallest footprint of any LC/TQ on the market, delivering a price-performance per square foot ratio that leads to reduced costs and the fastest path to achieving ROI.
  • Multiple ion source configurations available, including Agilent Jet Stream and traditional ESI
  • Instrument innovations for enhanced results:
    • VacShield – eliminates the need to vent the system while performing ion injector maintenance so instrument maintenance downtime is minimized and laboratory efficiency is increased.
    • Cyclone Ion Guide – compresses the ion beam without loss of signal, resulting in higher ion transmission efficiencies and enhanced data quality.
    • Vortex Collision Cell – provides efficient dissociation of ions in the cell, improved focusing and transmission of ions, rapid clearance of the cell between mass transitions, thereby allowing for more MRMs/sec, zero crosstalk and greater confidence in results by removing noisy background.
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